A Spirit Guide

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A spirit guide or guardian angel is a spirit that helps us on our journey through life. You know the results of our decisions. Spirit guides can give us warnings and may be responsible for strange coincidences that seem to protect us from harm. A leader is often taught by the Socratic method, rather than direct information. Spirit guides and guardian angels are not cosmic babysitter. They are no substitute for the Ultimate Divine. These units are here to help us learn, but the burden of the decision is always on us.

The spiritual experience of the vision of your Holy Guardian Angel is connected to the sphere of Malkuth in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. This is the sphere of the element of earth and represents our plane of existence. Malkuth is a mirror image of the tip of the Tree of Life, Kether. Kether is the highest form of divinity. The best analogy for the way Kether and Malkuth are united in the way all the shades of light that knows how to make together, and make all the shades of black pigment mixed. Malkuth is the black color.

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