Tablets and Modern Man

If you`re about to make a present or just to buy a necessary tool for everyday use, then you should think about buying a tablet.

The tablets are getting more and more popular every year. It doesn`t matter where you live or how old are you, the tablet is very useful in nowadays` life. They got a touch screen and a technology, which is a mix between the laptops` and smart phones` features.

The popularity of the tablets has begun in the 2010th, when the market saw the launch of their modern versions. During that year, near 20 million gadgets were sold worldwide, as it`s considered as a great breakthrough of the new and modern devices.


Nowadays the technology is getting to new levels as it changes the look and feature of the tablets. In the 2013th more than 190 million tablets were sold in the world, thus they are among the best sellers in the hi-tech stores.

The best tablets are said to be made by such companies as Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony and Asus.

The main characteristic of the tablets and the biggest difference between them is the operating system. The most popular operating system, used for tablets is Android. In the 2013th nearly 120 million gadgets were fueled with Android systems. The user of the tablets with the Apple`s iOS system are more than 70 million.

The best selling tablets of Apple have increased more than 10 % from 2012th up to the end of 2013th. Samsung is among the biggest rivals of Apple, as the Korean giant makes near 10 % rise of their sales.

Tablets are very helpful, as they could save your time and have very simple features. The tablets are modern, so if you want to make some impression, at least to your friends, then think about the greater possibilities, the new gadget possess.