What you should know about Dubai

In Dubai usually one thinks of an ultra-modern city, glittering skyscrapers and a little Aladdin feeling. But what you often lose sight of is the fact that it still is an Arab city. Although Dubai is very modern, there are some rules and laws that affect us Europeans very strange and perhaps "unnecessary". Nevertheless, these are also valid for us, when we travel to Dubai. Although it is obviously not arrested immediately for any breach, we should adapt to the cultural realities of the country. After all, we are only guests.

In addition to the rules, I have noticed in Dubai a few other things that just are there different than ours. A few I found just funny :-)

1. dress codes in Malls

Covered legs, upper arms and chest are required (shorts are considered bulky goods and are therefore only allowed on the beach). Is not really a problem, because it's always cold in the mega malls. Brrrr these air conditioners.
2. kissing in public is forbidden

Important for all couples in love: everything about it, of course, goes well!
3. Unmarried couples may not live together

... And no common rent. So be careful if you intend to emigrate there.
4. Women ride in the Metro in an extra wagon and have a private entrance

So flirt in the path is not there.
5. During the lunar month, it is also forbidden to tourists in the public to eat and drink

For me, this is the absolute horror. I always have, always, always drinking and never go without water bottle out of the house. That's why I consider myself during Ramadan only at the hotel pool on (there is allowed in most hotels).
6. On the street drinking alcohol is prohibited

After all, there's no alcohol corpses on the sidewalk.
7. In Dubai you go neither to the pharmacy nor the supermarket

... You can all deliver directly into the apartment. So no hassle lugging water tanks at 50 degrees. Yeahi!
8. Not even for refueling, leave the car

... Fueling the attendant and will be paid through the window.
9. On the children chocolate pack is not the typical child ready known (for us)

... But an Arab boy. Nothing really special. But I stared at the package for ever and thought: mh's something to it but otherwise ... but what? Eventually it dawned on me then: Oh our child's blond and the boy did not. Interestingly, I was not previously aware that the packaging for different customer groups will be adjusted.

10. One meets in Dubai almost no real Emirati, but more Indians and Pakistanis

And Emirati does not work you. In restaurants, taxis or stores only non-Emirati employed.
What do you think that these rules also apply to us tourists? Do you find the superfluous, because we are not faithful Arabs? Or it is absolutely ok for you, since we are traveling as a guest in the country?
Have you ever been in Dubai? If so, what did you particularly noticed?