The future of tourism

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The environmental costs of travel and tourism was also discussed has struck a Consequently, the industry and to work to feel deflated within it. Many travelers leave wondering if you can and should continue to travel.

I approached Geographical magazine earlier this year with the idea of dedicated editorial on the sustainable future of travel and tourism. I wanted to start a positive and future-oriented debate on the future of our industry. Geographic, the publisher and editor Graeme Gourlay Geordie Torr were inspired to devote their entire December 2008 issue on the subject.

You can read the editorial of our cooperation at the bottom. We look at the future of the architecture of the hotel with visualizations of Jeremy Blake, a leading eco-architect, the innovations in the aviation industry, developments in the travel technology, and "geotourism" as a growing trend. I also share my thoughts and suggestions for the future on my own experience in the industry. I certainly do not claim to have all the answers but I hope that you will use this page as a place to tell us what you think and share ideas.
The future of travel. Justin Francis of says: We are facing a dilemma. How can we align the desire to visit other cultures in a thoughtful way alongside a conscience, which calls for the reduction in our daily carbon emissions? It is the dilemma that we start the debate on the future of tourism inspired. If we are serious about a sustainable future for travel, it is important that the vision we need to strive for. My own experience in the industry have given me a unique insight into the forces that drive it. This in turn has allowed me to see a number of ideas about the changes that we expect may take place over the next 20 years or so formulated.